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St James Coffee to donate April tips to OLGFC...


"Those running OLGFC are really living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a radical way, and that's 

what we're about here at St. James Coffee.  It's an honor to work side by side to spread the Good

News in new and engaging ways, which is why we've chosen OLGFC," says Brian Kusek, Director

of Evangelization at St. James Coffee.


"We worked with Our Lady of Guadalupe Clinic to promote their benefit concert, and were really

struck by both the love and professionalism with which they carry out their work.  And we'd like to 

thank Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic volunteers, Frank and Judy Mcllmail, Barb Timm,

Jan Manahan and Lynn Farrell, who were trained as baristas and are now

volunteering during April as part of this event."


OLGFC would like to thank St James Coffee and all of their wonderful staff for this generous 

outpouring of love and support.  


For more information about St James Coffee:

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