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About Us

OLGFC started as a simple dream between two friends to reach out to those in need and provide medical care for a few people who were concerned about their health care.  Over the past years, OLGFC has grown and is currently serving the needs of those who have limited heatlhcare alternatives in southwestern Minnesota.  We host several larger clinics throughout the year and provide daily care at our downtown office.   


Dr. Dave Plevak & Fr. Jim Callahan

Dave Plevak, MD. | OLGFC Co-Medical Director


​Graduate of Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin

Board Certified in Internal Medicine Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine

Roman Catholic Deacon, Diocese of Winona

I have known Father Jim for almost 20 years.  When he moved to Worthington, he was impressed that many of his parishioners had little or no access to healthcare.  He asked me to come to Worthington to see for myself.  I did.  I saw a great need.  I also met a great community of people who continue to give to me as much or more than I give to them.

Fr. James Callahan | OLGFC Spiritual Director

Senior ​Pastor, St. Mary's Church - Worthington, MN

Not long ago, a man asked me to describe in one word the OLG Free Clinic.  The first word that came to my mind was CORAZON, or HEART.  I see the heart as the center of life and the place of ultimate understanding.  Love has the spiritual power that truly heals, liberates and changes people.

The beginning of OLG Free Clinic is a love story of two friends who fell in love with the immigrant and the materially poor and welcomed every opportunity to enter into their lives and truly become one of them.  Gradually we became incarnated into this culture as we experienced a gradual transformation of the Corazon Imigrante y Pobre into our own body and soul.  

We saw in these communities of people a God infused wisdom and clarity that emerged from the radical simplicity of their lives, and their daily suffering and total dependence on God.    Thus was born the Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic.

Bryan Hagen | OLGFC Pharmacy Director & Board President

Pharmacist - Sanford Medical


Joe Anderson |  Board Vice-President

Kathy Hayenga | OLGFC Board Treasurer

Co-Owner ReMax Premier Realty, Worthington, MN

The incredible people that give of their time and talents for the individuals who use the clinic are a joy to be around.  The individuals that come to the clinic are so thankful and full of love.  I feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization!

Lynn Farrell OLGFC Director of Development

MA Philanthropy and Development, St. Mary's University

Clinical Assistant - Mayo Clinic

The people this clinic serves have witnessed to me repeatedly how their deep and rich faith has helped them overcome so many obstacles. The patients are so appreciative of the life-giving care provided. It is my honor and privilege to be able to share the gifts I have and be part of a team that works together to forward the mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic.

 Jose Lizardo Morales | OLGFC Latino Faith & Culture Advisor

Chaplain, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Education:  Philosophy, Theology and Psychology


I had the opportunity to be a part of the birth of OLG Free Clinic.  As a pastor we visited homes and encountered the harsh reality of people without health insurance.  OLGFC is a ray of hope and is a great blessing in the midst of physical and emotional pain.  I will continue to support this clinic that has brought much relief and rest to many people. 

Maria Willrich, PhD | OLGFC Director of Laboratory Services

Clinical Chemistry Fellow - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

PhD in Clinical Chemistry;


I am involved in OLGFC because I am from Brazil, a Latin American country, and have always wanted to make a difference in people's lives with my work in laboratory medicine.  I love all the lab work and have been involved in the past year managing lab activities.  I am really passionate about the cause and I truly believe that OLGFC truly makes a difference for the community.


Mariana Gutierrez | Staff: OLGFC Administrator

Working with the volunteers and patients of OLGFC has been wonderful for me.  One of the greatest pleasures in my work is being able to assist those people in my community who were unable to access health care.  The relationships and trust that is developing is incredible and grows with each clinic.


Katie Berger-Johnson | OLGFC Advancement Director

The staff and volunteers care not just for the physical health concerns of our patients but for their mental health needs as well. And together we can build even stronger roots in our community by strengthening existing and growing new partnerships that will allow this wonderful clinic to continue to serve. Being part of such a giving organization, right here in my hometown, has been an absolute blessing as they freely grant hope and quality of life to each person they touch.

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